Open Items for Maņana


This is a short list of open items for Maņana. 

With the release of version 1.0, Maņana is complete and fully functional.  But, I have a few ideas that will get added with newer versions.  I welcome any ideas that you might have.

Open Items:

Maņana does not archive records on the Palm.  This is done because there is no desktop application for Maņana.   If a desktop application is ever written, it would not be a problem to make this archiving function again.  But, I have no plans for this yet.
The beaming logic has been removed.  I don't see a need for anyone to beam Maņana items.  If there is enough requests for this (there has not been even one), I can simply add it back in.  Removing the beaming code reduced the size of Maņana by 5k.
Add additional error checking in the subroutine to move the record to the ToDo list.
Make the about box display something other than the default Palm screen.  I now have the default screen showing an appropriate name and version.
Add a help screen in to the application.
Write user documentation.


Items for the Next Version:

I want to have multiple database support in Maņana.  This will allow you to keep ToDo items in separate databases and move them between them.  There would be two changes to Maņana:
There would be logic to list all of the Maņana database and allow you open them.   The regular ToDo database would also be listed here (thus allowing you to open the ToDo database and move items out of it!)
The move screen would be changed to allow you to select which database you want the record moved to.
I am going to add a feature to the move screen that open the ToDo database and take you to the record that you just moved.  This will allow you to change a due date or the category.
Possibly color.  I'm not real sure where I could make use of color.  Maybe give the user the option to color code by priority or category.