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MnScreen.gif (2538 bytes)The Maņana program was design to make the Palm a more complete existence system.   My definition of an "existence system" is a system used to keep all of your current projects and useful information in existence (i.e. written down somewhere outside of your head!).  There are several paper based existence system widely used:   DayTimer, Day Keeper, More Time, etc. 

The Palm is an electronic existence system.  And most of us Palm users, are upgrading from a paper based system to the Palm.  But, out of the box the Palm only has the most basic components of an existence system:  ToDo, Address, Appointments, Memos and Expenses.  Every paper based system that I have seen (or used) has several additional components that make the slightly more useful:  Goals, Projects, and what I  (and the first existence system that I used) call Cycles or a Grass Catcher List.  Goals and Projects are someone else's task to add.  I've handled the Cycles.

"What are cycles?" you ask.  They are also commonly called grass catcher lists.  They are a place for you to record items that you want to do, but are not important enough to get on to the ToDo list.  These items may be very trivial, or something that you do not know if you want to do yet.  They generally are items that are simply ideas that you don't want to forget, but don't want to do anything about them right now.   You should review the list occasionally to see if there is anything you want to move to your ToDo list.

Think of Maņana as a ToDo list that you have no intention of doing.  It is simply a place to put ideas and tasks that you might someday want to do, but don't want to forget about them.   And when you are ready to do them, you will simply move the item to you ToDo List.

That's where Maņana comes in.  It is an adaptation of the built in ToDo List that uses a seperate database.  It can then move an item over to the ToDo when your ready to perform that task-at the click of a mouse!

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