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Frequently Asked Questions about Mañana

  1. What were the design goals of Mañana?
    Mañana was designed to replicate the ToDo list in a separate database.  To that end, Mañana is fully compatible with the built in ToDo list.  It is not designed as a replacement, but an extension, of the ToDo database.  There have been very few changes to the ToDo source to make this possible.
    Another goals was to minimize the about of coding that was necessary to create this.   There is a saying in the programming world:  "Good programmers write code, Great programmers steal it."  That has been a design philosophy of this program.  I am looking to borrow more code with I add the multi database support in the next version.

  2. Why do the items get moved in to the ToDo list as "unfiled" items?
    There are some serious problems with trying to keep the Mañana's categories and the ToDo List's categories in sync.  Because Mañana puts the items in the ToDo list as an unfiled item, you can have a different categories in Mañana than ToDo.  This will get more important when the multiple database support in the next version.

  3. Can Mañana have more than 5 priorities or a different way of sorting items?
    As stated above, Mañana is designed to be an extension of the ToDo list, not a replacement.  If I added code to handle either of these two items (which would not be that hard), I would then have a problem with the compatibility with the built in ToDo.   Granted, most of these problems could be overcome, but this defeats the second goal--little work.  (That would mean that I would actually have to do some coding! :)

  4. If I have problems with Mañana, what do I do?
    If you e-mail me with the problem, I will see if I can fix it.  I have run Mañana throughout hundreds of thousands of Gremlin events, and tried to make the program as stable as I can before I release a version of it.  But, there are always problems that could crop up.  I'll try to get to any bug as soon as I can, but please do remember, that I'm doing this on my free time and for free!

  5. Why can't I run Mañana on the Palm Pilot Professional, Personal, 1000, or 5000?
    I started with the source code for the Palm Pilot III's ToDo list application.  So, it uses some of the features of the OS that are specific to the Palm III.  I'm not planing on making Mañana work on the Pro or back.  I can recommend that you get an upgrade to you machine if you can.  I'm running on an upgraded Palm Pilot Professional (that started out as a Personal).  The upgrades work great and are a cheep way of getting another year or two out of you Pilot!

  6. When I pull up the version of Mañana on my Palm, it says 3.0.  I thought the current version is 1.0?

    The current version is 1.0.  The beta version 0.9 did not have the correct code to display the about box.  It still had the code from the ToDo application (which was version 3.0).  If your Mañana has a version number of 3.0 in the about box, you need to upgrade to the current version.